• Opublikowano: 30/09/2016

2016/2017 Academic Year Inauguration

The Medical University of Lodz hosted today an inauguration ceremony of the new academic year.
Aula 1000 of the Didactic Centre was filled to the brim with first year students academic teachers and administrative staff.
Guests of honour included: Governor Zbigniew Rau, Lodz county Board Member – Jolanta Zieba-Gzik, Vice-Mayor of Lodz  – Ireneusz Jablonski, national and local MPs, rectors of local universities, representatives of clergy as well as delegates from the Ministry of National Defence, the General Staff of the Polished Armed Forces, Police and the Military Medical Training Centre.
Students setting out on their academic journey took the formal university oath, followed by the matriculation ceremony for each faculty.
Group of outstanding faculty members received recognition for their achievements on university and national levels.

Prof Radzislaw Kordek – Rector, in his inauguration speech presented University’s current situation and talked about its plans for further development. He stressed the very specific character of medical schools and responsibilities they have “not only to teach medicine, but also to shape values. It is our graduates who one day will care for us and our families, who will become the elite in their fields, and it is them who will remain here when we are long gone. Therefore, we must not fail to nurture those values, which sadly seem irrelevant to so many of us. Values of searching for goodness and wisdom. Mindful patriotism and tolerance. Building communities; with brave heart and open mind” he added.

An inauguration lecture on “The differences between the evidence based medicine and the scientific authority” was delivered by the University’s former Rector – Prof Pawel Gorski.

During the ceremony the Minister of Health Award was presented to dr hab Pawel Majak.

As always, an amazing performance from the university’s choir, led by Prof Anna Domanska, ensured the artistic aspect of the ceremony remained of the highest standard, delivering entertainment and emotions.


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