EIT Health

EIT Health

EIT HEALTH (www.eithealth.eu) is one of the two consortia chosen on 9 December 2014 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT; www.eit.europa.eu) within open recruitment for the next strategic partnerships of public and private sectors, known as Knowledge and Innovation Communities, KICs).

The mission of EIT Health is to support entrepreneurship and development of innovation in terms of healthy lifestyle and active ageing in order to ensure new possibilities and suitable resources in Europe. The Consortium supports Europeans in a healthier and more informed way of life by providing products, services and solutions to improve quality of life and sustainable development of healthcare across Europe. EIT Health consociates initiators of changes in all sectors and fields and is well prepared to effectively meet contemporary challenges and promote healthy lifestyle, support active ageing and improve quality of healthcare.

Consortium finances and carries out projects in three areas: Accelerator supports innovation at the level of commercialization of research and access to relevant markets; Campus focuses on education and provides professionals the conditions for development in the area of entrepreneurship, eg. through high-quality training programs; Innovation focuses on multidisciplinary activities devoted to the diverse needs of healthcare in European countries.

Health and economic problems in Europe are particularly intense in less developed regions. Taking into account the use of diversity and the need of integration of less developed regions, consortium of EIT Health established new ties of Innostars partners to its network. The InnoStars are regional clusters of EIT Health Associate Partners representing industry, academia, and health providers in six countries – Croatia, Hungary, Poland (Lodz Region), Portugal, Italy and Wales. Consortium of EIT Health in which Medical University of Lodz was the regional partner (under Innostar) was the winning consortium within the area of innovation for health and active ageing. Innostars are fully integrated with EIT Health, ensuring widening participation and range across European innovation area.

Medical University of Lodz as Partner of EIT Health is active in one of the largest healthcare initiatives worlwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the fundamentals of healthcare and thus promote suitable future conditions for healthy living, active ageing and improved wellbeing of people across Europe.

Polish partners of EIT HEALTH:
Medical University of Lodz – https://en.umed.pl/
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine – http://www.imp.lodz.pl/home_en
Celon Pharma S.A. – https://celonpharma.com/?lang=en
Comarch – https://www.comarch.co.uk/


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