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2019/2020 academic year inauguration

New academic year 2018/2019 has been inaugurated at Medical University of Lodz today.

Aula 1000 of MUL Didactic Centre was full to the brim with first-year students as well as academic teachers, researchers and administrative staff.

This year’s guests of honour included among others: Karol Młynarczyk, Vice President of Lodz; prof. Marcin Gołaszewski, Chairman of Lodz City Council; President of Regional Chamber of Physicians; dr Paweł Czekalski, Rectors of Lodz Universities, members of the University Council, representatives of the Clergy, delegates of the Ministry of National Defence, the General Staff of Polish Armed Forces and Military Centre for Medical Education

Freshmen year and post-graduate students took the formal university oath which was followed by the matriculation ceremony.

In his inauguration speech, Prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of Medical University of Lodz, discussed current situation of our university and plans of its further development. Prof. Kordek also made reference to Act 2.0, which reforms Polish system of higher education: ‘From the research and didactic standpoint, the advantage of the new act is related to measurable recognition of substantial and reliable scientific achievements and raising education standards by reduction of mass character of studies. We spent the last months working intensively to implement the new regulations carefully in the university life. However, what the first year of new reality will be like, what direction our University will be heading will not only be verified by the regulations and time, but primarily by our understanding and solidarity’.

The inauguration lecture on ‘Child with neoplastic disease: quo vadis medicinae” was given by prof. Wojciech Młynarski.

As usual, the ceremony was exquisitely complemented with a performance by the University Choir, led by Prof. Anna Domańska..



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