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8th International Weigl Conference

On June 26-28 International Conference was held in Lodz to commemorate professor Rudolf Weigl, an eminent Polish biologist, who developed the first effective vaccine against  typhus. This year’s conference, the 8th in a row, took place under the following banner:  Human welfare and infectious diseases in a new microbiome research era. Microorganisms in industrial and medical biotechnology. The Department of Management of the University of Lodz was the host of the event which was organised by the Institut for Medical Bilogy of Polish Academy of Sciences, Department of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Lodz, Medical University of Lodz and Proteon Pharmaceuticals.

The conference was opened by Prof. Jarosław Dziadek PhD, Director of the Institut for Medical Bilogy of Polish Academy of Sciences in Lodz. At the opening ceremony the guests were also welcomed by Prof. Lucyna Woźniak PhD DSc , Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations  Medical University of Lodz and Prof. Antoni Różalski PhD, Rector of the University of Lodz.

The Conference was attended by outstanding specialists from Europe as well as from Japan and the USA. The latests reports on molecular microbiology, medical microbiology and biotechnology were presented. The first conference day was devoted to the latest achievements in phage therapy  with particular attention paid to the mechanisms of the interaction between phages, basteria and the host. The following day was filled with discussions on i.a. the basis of bacterial virulence and pathogene-host interactions.

On the last day the researchers raised the issues of medical and industrial biotechnology. The sessions were moderated by Prof. Ireneusz Majsterek Md PhD, Head of Chair of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Head of Department of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry Medical University of Lodz and by Tomasz Popławski PhD , Prof. of the University of Lodz. The presented lectures elaborated on the recent accomplishments in basic and clinical research as well as the latest therapeutic technologies and strategies.


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