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Medical University of Lodz joined the international  project of Cooperation Partnerships Erasmus+ with Turkey, Greece, Slovenia an Spain. The aim of ’Awake mind, absolve future’ project is to promote pro-ecology attitudes in students and strategies in education facilities. Medical University of Lodz plays the role of the mentor in terms of  sustainable development and pro-ecology policy implementation  along with its leading EcoUmed programme.

EcoUmed was created in order to deploy the pro-ecology strategy of our University. Being aware of the social responsibility of MUL as the largest medical university in Poland,  we faced the challenge to establish the university model based on sustainable construction management and promotion of pro-ecology behaviours.

Awake mind, absolve future

In our day, when environmental issues have reached serious proportions, we strive to design the methods based on common sense of societies and to engage it to save our future.

The major objectives of the project include:

– the increase in ecological awareness and the awareness of ecological problems in societies,

– sustainable development that will contribute to solutions to environmental problems therby helping to acchieve the climatic and environmental goals,

– modification to human- nature relations to create benefits for the environment,

– education of the staff on the environmental psychology,

– international recognition of universal problems via team work,

–transcultural exchange and internationalisation,

– acquisition of the universal environment-related ethical values by students,

– research, risk analysis and the students analysis on environmental and climatic crisis issues and development of the issues assessment skills

– development of digital skills.

I the light of these goals and outcomes, the priority areas of our project include the environmental crisis and climate change; digital skills and competences that will contribute to the development of all soft competence areas; and education as well as intellectual, cultural and behavioral shift. The project is implemented in accordance with the European Union project: Green Deal 2050.


The project is coordinated by:

Anna Lipert PhD, Department of Sports Medicine, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine Medical University of Lodz

Ewelina Łojewska,  International Projects Team,  the Bureau of Science, Strategy and Development, Medical University of Lodz

We invite everyone interested in ecology and sustainable development to join in: anna.lipert@umed.lodz.pl                     ewelina.lojewska@umed.lodz.pl


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