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Ladies and gentleman,

We are glad to inform that the applications by Rector of the Medical University of Lodz have been considered and the following awards of the Minister of Health have been given to the academic teachers of our university:

  1. Award for scientific activity for the team: prof. Przemysław Jan Kardas MD PhD, Prof. Piotr B. Kuna MD PhD, Michał G. Panek MD PhD for a series of papers on: Patient non-compliance with drug therapy: the analysis of digital resources of health care system in, so called, primary non-compliance;
    The series, which includes 8 papers published in prestigious scientific journals, is unique in Polish scientific literature. It combines innovative, so far absent in Poland, research methods using i.a. Big Data analysis, with the subject matter of significant importance to the society and a vital impact on the national economy i.e. systematic treatment of Polish population.


  1. Award for teaching for the team:  Małgorzata Berezińska MD Phd, Magdalena Jasińska-Stroschein university prof. MD PhD, Michał S. Karbownik MD PhD,  Anna Wiktorowska-Owczarek MD PhD, for the texbook: ‘Pharmacology in tasks. General and clinical Pharmacology’ (PZWL, Warsaw 2020).
    The awarded textbook ‘Pharmacology in tasks. General and clinical Pharmacology’ is the second part of the series ‘Pharmacology in tasks’. The series is a novelty in the range of textbooks on pharmacology for students on the Polish market. Its uniqueness is mainly about the opportunity it provides to gain, systematise, consolidate and deepen the knowledge by just reading it but also by performing the tasks it includes. Such a didactic approach belongs to  the trend of problem-based learning (PBL), which places the student in the centre of the process of knowledge conveyance and encourages them to individual search for solutions.

The awards are granted in accordance with the resolution of the Ministry of Health of 13 June 2019 on the awards of the competent minister of health for academic teachers (Journal of laws (Dz. U.) 1150)

Sincere congratulations to the award winners!


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