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6th Gala of Best Academic Teacher Award was held on December 9 2021 at Breakfast Room, Didactic Centre of MUL.  The awards were received by the best academic teachers of the Medical University of Lodz, selected on the basis of the results of student surveys (in the 2020/2021 academic year, the total number of votes exceeded 57, 000).

The distinguished teachers received commemorative diplomas and gifts from the Students Self-Government and, for the third time, financial prizes!

Rector, Prof. Radzisław Kordek, congratulated all the award winners and emphasised how important the education of future generations of doctors, pharmacists and physical therapists is in the university activities. He drew our attention to a particularly difficult challenge posed to the teachers by the initial stage of the pandemic and strict lockdown. Prof. Tomasz Kostka, Vice Rector for outlined the principle of this years’ competition and thanked the teachers for their work, students for their active engagement in filling in evaluation forms whose number is growing by the year.

W imieniu społeczności studentów gratulacje i podziękowania nagrodzonym nauczycielom złożyła nowa Przewodnicząca Samorządu Studentów – Alicja Staszek. On behalf of the student community, Alicja Staszek, the new Chairperson of the Students’ Self-Government, congratulated and thanks the awarded teachers.

The ceremony was complemented with an artistic performance by students and graduates of the Medical University: Grzegorz Ksepka, a fifth-year medical student with his partner Katarzyna Drażdżewska, who danced the tango, while Mariusz Olczyk, a graduate of Faculty of Medicine and currently a doctoral student at the International Doctoral School with his partner Agnieszka Łysik, who danced the rumba and jiva.

The title of the Best MUL Teacher of the 2020/2021  academic year was awarded to:

Prof. Kinga Polańska MD PhD, Department of Hygiene and Health
Prof. Michał Polguj MD PhD, Department of Normal and Clinical Anatomy
Prof. Anna Zalewska-Janowska MD PhD, Department of Psychodermatology
Izabela Grzegorczyk-Karolak MD PhD, Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany
Sebastian Majewski MD PhD , Department of Pneumonology
Przemysław Sitarek MD PhD,  Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany
Dariusz Andrzejczak MD, Department of Pharmacodynamics
Jan Jaszczak MD, Department of Department of Physical and Biocoordination Chemistry
Michał Klimczak MD, Department of Toxicology
Wiktor Koziołkiewicz MD, Department of  Cytobiology and Proteomics
Włodzimierz Leszczyński MD, Department of Defense Education and Training Coordination
Ewa Lewandowska MD, Department of Histology and Embryology
Dagmara Szmajda-Krygier MD, Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics
Paulina Żelechowska MD, Department of Microbiology and Experimental Immunology
Tomasz Gapys  MA, Foreign Language Center
Marzena Grzanek MA, Department of Conservative Nursing
Justyna Jakubowska MA, Foreign Language Center
Karolina Kwasik MA,  Foreign Language Center
Paulina Sobierańska MA, Center for Medical Education
dr Rafał Szymański,  Department of Histology and Embryology
dr Ewelina Szymczak, Department of Emergency and Disaster Medicine
Sebastian Wiślicki MA, Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Treatment
Dominik Żyro MA, Department of Bioinorganic Chemistry

Congratulations to all the awarded teachers!


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