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Official opening of Part of BRAIN project, Research Development Innovation, was held on 26th April  in Lodz Campus of Biomedicine and Pharmacy.

The list of guests included, among others:
Marcin Martyniak, Junior Minister at the Ministry of Health
Karol Młynarczyk, First Governor of Lodz
Piotr Adamczyk,  Deputy Marshall of Lodz province
Adam Pustelnik, First Vice-President of the City of Lodz
Elżbieta Żądzińska , Rector of the University of Lodz
Andrzej Romanowski, Vice-Rector for Teaching of Technical University of Lodz
Aleksander Welfe, President of Lodz Division of PAS
Mateusz Kamiński, Mayor of Rzgow
Urszula Sztuka- Polińska, Director of Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Lodz
Małgorzata Zwolińska, Vice Director for Finance and Commercialisation Finansowych i Komercjalizacji  Łukasiewicz Research Network-The Institute of Biopolimers and Chemical Fibres
Grzegorz Janowski,  Marshal of the Regional State Fire Service in Lodz
Krzysztof Sobieszka,  Head of the Control and  Exploratory  Division of the Provincial Command of State Fire Service in Lodz.

The project, its implementation and objectives were presented in the speeches delivered by: Prof. Radzisław Kordek, the Rector of MUL, Prof. Lucyna Woźniak, Vice Rector for Research Strategy and International Relations MUL, Jacek Grabowski PhD, The Chancellor of MUL, and Prof. Agnieszka Piastowska-Ciesielska, the project manager.

The invited guests could also make their presentations and all the participants could visit the building.

The project objectives include strengthening the cooperation of research and development units of MUL , the formation of interdisciplinary research teams as well as giving access to our ecosystem to economic partners or other research units in the region.

The available facilities now include specialist laboratories: Laboratory for Analysis of Compounds of Natural Origin, Laboratory of Metabolic Research, Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics, Cell Culture Laboratory as well as laboratories for temporary use by the research teams which will be established for the project research tasks.

Research and development undertaken as part of BRaIn Project will focus on three major areas: organisation and process management in health care, personalised medicine and the application of bioinformatics and biostatistics in medicine.

Researchers can use the laboratory, its equipment or meeting rooms via a booking system on the Internet. When researchers have a research idea but do not have the appropriate equipment to carry it out, BRaIn is exactly the place they need. The research can both be commissioned to be conducted or it can be carried out individually by the researchers themselves. The team of BRaiN laboratories will provide support and advice on the best research methods and standardisation. The facilities will be available for researchers 24/7.

BRaIn is another significant element of the Clinical and Didactic Centre development. What we place an emphasis on here is research and innovations. We wish to increase the efficiency of the implementation of research projects  and the effectiveness of our use of the created infrastructure in line with the researchers’ needs. The place will be available and  open for all those with research ideas: both students scientific circles or doctoral students and experienced research teams who want to implement their projects.  I am convinced that such an approach will also make BRaIn project favourably affect the quality of our university’s cooperation with social and economic, said prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of Medical University of Lodz.

The currently operating and developing CKD campus infrastructure  i.e. outpatient clinics, the hospital, the research and didactic centre are crucial for the project success and its more effective deployment. The authors of the project aim at creating  ‘the training ground’ to test organisational and technological innovations as well as conducting clinical research, says prof. Agnieszka Piastowska-Ciesielska, the project manager.

Basic information about the project:

Project funded from Regional Operational Programme for Lodz Province for the period of 2014-2020 PRIORITY AXIS 1: RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND KNOWLEDGE COMMERCIALISATION ACTIVITY I.1 Development of research and innovation infrastructure.

Total project value: PLN 63,3 mil, including:

Funds from Regional Operational Programme: PLN 38,3 mil

the University’s own contribution PLN 25 mil

Funds from the Ministry of Education and Science:  PLN 5,3 mil

Project implementation period: September 2018 – June 2023



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