• Opublikowano: 08/01/2020

BRaIn: Research Development and Innovation in Lodz campus of Biomedicine and Pharmacy – the project signed by the general contractor.

On 7th January 2020 Medical University of Lodz signed an agreement with the general contractor on the design-build delivery system of the construction project which includes the design and building of a research and laboratory facility with the laboratory furniture.  It will be located at the campus of Clinical and Didactic Centre at 251 Pomorska St. Medical University project called BRaIn: Research Development and Innovation in Lodz campus of Biomedicine and Pharmacy, obtained funds from financial allocations defined as Priority 1 ‘Research, development and knowledge commercialisation of the Regional Operational Programme for Lodz 2014-2020’. The total contract cost amounts to PLN 49 mln. and it will be carried out by a consortium of ERBUD S.A and BUDOMAL BUILDING ENTERPRISE RAFAŁ LEŚNIAK.

The project objectives include strengthening the cooperation of research and development units of MUL and, consequently, the formation of interdisciplinary research teams. The enterprise will facilitate the consolidation of the University research potential.

We wish to increase the effectiveness of our use of the created infrastructure  and the efficiency of the implementation of innovative research projects in medical sciences. I am convinced that BRaIn project will also favourably affect the quality of our university’s  cooperation with social and economic surroundings in response to demographic and epidemiological challenges, underlined prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of Medical University of Lodz.

BraIn project will be carried out at Clinical and Didactic Centre (CKD) at 251 Pomorska St. and 1 Muszyńskiego St. The project involves the construction of a new facility of over 5000 m² and redecoration of the two existing ones which will be adjusted to the project needs. The new infrastructure and, more importantly, integration and coordination of research efforts in BraIn Project will add new quality to the research thereby producing better effects.

The currently functioning and developing CKD campus infrastructure  i.e. outpatient clinics, the hospital, the research and didactic centre will play a significant role in the effective execution and successful outcomes of the project. The authors of the project aim at creating  ‘the training ground’ to test organisational and technological innovations as well as conducting clinical research, says prof. Agnieszka Piastowska-Ciesielska, the project manager.

Research and development undertaken as part of BRaIn Project will focus on three major areas: organisation and process management in health care, personalised medicine and the application of bioinformatics and biostatistics in medicine. These areas indicate the priority directions in research (e.g. managerial needs, risk to public health, technological tools, diseases of civilisation) which the researchers engaged in the project will focus on.



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