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Challenges and possibilities of reimbursement for medication adherence in Central and East Europe:  COST International Meeting at Medical University of Lodz.

On 16-17 September 2021 the Medical University of Lodz was the host of the international meeting chaired by ENABLE COST ACTION (European Network to Advance Best practices & technoLogy on medication adherencE – CA19132).  The action involves the platform of collaboration of European experts on research and medication adherence.

ENABLE aims at:
(1) raising awareness of adherence enhancing technological solutions,
(2) fostering and extend multidisciplinary knowledge on medication adherence at patient, treatment and system levels,
(3) accelerating translation of this knowledge to useful clinical application,
(4) working collaboratively towards economically viable implementation of adherence enhancing technology across European healthcare systems.

Medication non-adherence is one of major challenges for contemporary medicine of the 21st century. Hence, the need to implement interventions to support patients in systematic adherence has become urgent. The reimbursement of such interventions is a practical problem which only several countries have attempted to handle. The aim of the debates was to provide an opportunity for interaction between ENABLE partners, to facilitate capacity building and stimulate development of reimbursement for medication adherence in Central and East Europe. The meeting was organised by prof. Przemysław Kardas and his colleagues from  Medication Adherence Research Centre at Medical University of Lodz and The International Projects Team, and it also served the purpose of unique ideas exchange for future actions within international project. The event was held in a hybrid mode with live streaming and attracted representatives of 13 countries. Please find the photo gallery of the event.




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