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After a three-year break caused by the pandemic, a graduation ceremony for the students at medical studies in English was held live on Thursday, 23rd June 2022.  The graduates in medicine (121 people) and medicine and dentistry (24 people) obtained their diplomas and collected  them directly from the Deans and from Prof. Janusz Piekarski, Vice-Rector for Organisation and Student Affairs. This year’s graduates come from nearly 30 countries including Saudi Arabia, Malesia, Lebanon, Norway, Germany, USA, Iran, Venezuela and Australia.

Prof. Sebastian Kłosek, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Studies in English, was the host of the ceremony held entirely in English. The representatives of the authorities who also attended the ceremony included: Prof. Marzenna Zielińska, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Vice-Deans:  Prof. Jacek Rożniecki and Prof. Jerzy Sokołowski.

The Hippocratic Oath taken by the graduates was the highlight of the ceremony.

The following students were awarded for the best academic results:

Bahaa Al Khateb,  6-year MD program

Vivian Stavrakos,  MD Advanced program

Nadia Amer,  DMD program

MUL English Division Student Government presented the awards for the remarkable contribution for the government activity to the following students:

Mara Cornils, 6-year MD program

Davide Costazza, MD Advanced program

Natalia Trehan, DMD program

The contribution for academic community which was highly assessed by students was also rewarded to:

Mara Cornils, 6-year MD program

Davide Costazza, MD Advanced program

Nadia Amer, DMD program

By tradition, the graduates also awarded the best academic teachers and this year’s awards went to:

Małgorzata Berezińska MD PhD, Department of General and Clinical Pharmacology and  Toxicology

Mateusz Staciwa MD PhD, Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology

Agnieszka Bruzda-Zwiech MD PhD,  Department of Developmental Dentistry

As in the previous year, the ceremony was available as stream live video on-line.

Congratulations to all the graduates and the organisers of the event i.e. Administrative Centre of the Medical Studies in English

Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzW1ft


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