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Edinburgh Winter Stroke School February 2019 & Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund /Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund Scholarships

Applying for the scholarship and for the course are 2 separate exercises.

  1. Application for a scholarship. The closing date for this is 14th December 2018. A list of those to whom a scholarship should be awarded will be drawn up by the scholarships committee.
  2. Application for the Edinburgh Winter Stroke School 2019. The closing is likely to be in January 2019 and has yet to be announced. For further information see: https://www.ed.ac.uk/clinical-brain-sciences/postgraduate-training/edinburgh-stroke-winter-school

The Winter Stroke Team will select the successful applicants for the course based on their course applications. They also have a waiting list in case someone cannot take up their place for whatever reason.

Polish Medical University scholarship applicants who have been selected for a Polish School of Medicine Memorial Fund /Boloz-Kulesza Trust Fund Scholarship and are also a successful with their course applications will be informed that they have a scholarship and a place on the course.

All unsuccessful scholarship applicants will be contacted by e-mail to advise them that they have not been successful. Applicants should be aware that the number of applicants may be greater than the scholarships available and in these instances difficult choices have to be made by the scholarships committee. Further feedback will be given if requested.

Note: There may be other Polish applicants offered a place on the course who did not apply for a scholarship / were not eligible to apply for a scholarship or were unsuccessful with their applications. Those individuals will have to identify an alternative source of funding or pay the fees, accommodation etc by themselves.


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