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INVITATION: WE4AHA Thematic workshops

Research and Innovation in technology for active and healthy ageing. What’s next?

12/11/2020 @9:30 – 12:00

Under this COVID-19 pandemic, new approach for independent living is required. Governments need to address the long-term sustainability of social care. COVID19 has thrown into high relief the long-standing challenges facing social care and the precariousness of a sector that has been under-valued and under-funded for too long. It has also given it prominence and a place in the public psyche which means we have the basis for addressing these challenges and building a consensus not just around funding but around the future role of social care. New model for Social Care must look beyond the actual residential care approach, fostering new models for independent living in seniors. This workshop will tackle this debate.

Please note that the registration deadline for this workshop is 1/11!


How to upscale the implementation of digital health solutions for the elderly

13/11/2020 @13:00 – 15:00

Countries worldwide are facing the same demographic changes. Globally, the number of older persons is growing faster than the number of people in all younger age groups. This in turn puts a strain on health care systems and has created a greater need for smart, digital health solutions that can reduce the related costs attached to this development. The digital tech companies have since long taken up this challenge, creating a large variety of products and services that can help hospitals. However, many of these smart health services and products could be upscaled further. The aim of this workshop is to shed light on and identify the “bottlenecks” and showcase solutions for the further upscaling and implementation of digital health solutions for the elderly.


e-Health and Telemedicine solutions empowering person-centred care: What’s been going on?

17/11/2020 @10:00 – 12:30

There is a gap in the application of technology in Europe. After the coronavirus crisis, this gap has become even more evident. While rural areas and the ageing population were already priority areas of attention, these months have highlighted the weak areas that currently exist the system, leaving many groups in vulnerable situations. Telemedicine is based on the concept of improving and facilitating personalized patient care, as well as improving the patient’s quality of life. However… is it enough to respond to the current challenge?

In this workshop, experts will explain the progress and efforts of different European and national projects to answer to these challenges. In addition, the need to promote exchange in collaborative networks will be emphasised.


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