• Opublikowano: 17/12/2018

EIT Health CLOSE project assumptions ‘artificial pancreas’ for Type 2 Diabetes patients

Medical University of Lodz is involved in the implementation of the international project ‘CLOSE-Automated glucose control at home for people with chronic diseases (2016-2020)’ funded by EIT Health European consortium. The aim of the project is to create an ‘artificial pancreas’ designed for adults with Type 2 diabetes and other comorbidities as well as designing ICT platform cooperating with the ‘artificial pancreas’ to monitor the treatment of Type 2 diabetic patients. The list of the partners of the EIT Health CLOSE project includes Air Liquide Sante International (Gentilly, France), which organises and supervises insulin pump therapies provided for a significant number of patients who rely on this kind of treatment in France (both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients). The Medical University of Lodz, together with the Catholic University of Leuven (Department of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology, KUL, Leuven, Belgium) are involved primarily in the educational part of the project.

All those who would like to learn more about EIT Health CLOSE project are encouraged to read ‘Artficial Pancreas Systems for People With Type 2 Diabetes: Conception and Design of the European CLOSE Project”, published in ‘Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology’ (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30241444) which describes the project assumptions in detail.

The leader of CLOSE project, Prof. Freimut Schliess (Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH, Neuss, Germany) is the first author of the paper. The co-authors include, among others: Beata Mianowska MD PhD, (from the Clinic of Pediatry, Oncology, Haematology and Diabetology, the coordonator of  CLOSE  project for MUL) and Prof. Katarzyna Cypryk Md PhD (Head of the Clinic of Diabetology and Metabolic Diseases, Medical University of Lodz).

More information on: https://www.eithealth.eu/close



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