• Opublikowano: 17/03/2017

EIT Health – StarShip programme launched in Lodz!

26 participants of StarShip (InnoStar Fellowship Programme) from across Europe (Croatia, The Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy. Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania) spent a week at Medical University of Lodz thereby beginning their year’s educational programme on innovations in products and services creation.

University of Coimbra, IESE Business School and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) are the leaders of the project. In partnership with GE Healthcare and on the basis of the latest methodology, including Stanford Biodesign Concept’s experience, a high-class program was designed with the following assumptions:

  • 5  one-week events in Poland Portugal, Spain and Hungary including training and workshops, meetings with local companies and investors, visits to local hospitals and R& D centers,
  • work in interdisciplinary teams on GE Healthcare’s projects which are constructed as a response to industry actual needs,
  • observation-based work in direct contact with enterpreneurs and target groups (patients/health care providers) to design problem solutions and support for international mentors, business representatives, innovators and trainers.

StarShip at MUL involved the following components:

  1. Education:

Training in:

  • Teambuilding,
  • Creative Leadership,
  • Leading Creative Teams,
  • Entrepreneurship Introduction & Business Creation,
  • BioDesign: Challenges, Identification, Validation.
  1. Business:

Meeting with:

  1. Research and Development:

Visit to research centers and Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz:

  • Department of Cardiology
  • Casuality Department (admission rooms)
  • R&D Laboratory of Department of Electrocardiology
  • DynamoLab
  • Three-dimensional Anthropometry Laboratory
  • the Institute of  Dentistry

More on: https://www.starship.eithealth.eu/


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