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In the new European perspective for 2021-2027 the former EU Health Programme was renamed EU4Health. EU4Health will pave the way for the foundation of European Health Union thanks to the investments in urgent priorities in the area of health care. The priorities include:

  • response to Covid-19-related crisis and enhancement of our preparedness for cross-border threats to health,
  • European Beating Cancer Plan,
  • Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

Within the framework of EU Programme, the EU will invest € 5.3 billion (by current prices) in the activities which have added value in the European scale, complement the policy of member states and pursue one or more of the goals of the EU Programme for health.

The Programme has four main objectives whithin which ten specific goals have been set:

  1. To mprove and foster health in the Union,
  • to prevent diseases and promote health,
  • to engage in international healthcare initiatives and international cooperation,
  1. To fight serious cross-border threats to health,
  • to prevent and to enhance preparedness and response to cross-border threats to health,
  • to supplement the basic national reserves necessary in crisis,
  • to create reserves of medical, healthcare and support staff,
  1. To improve the quality of medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products,
  • to enhance the affordability of medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products,
  1. To improve the sustainability and resilience of healthcare systems,
  • to strengthening the use of health data, digital tools and services, as well as the digital transformation of healthcare systems,
  • to enhancing access to healthcare services,
  • to design and implement EU policies and activities and to support evidence-based policymaking,
  • to support integrated work in national healthcare systems.

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