• Opublikowano: 28/02/2017

First TEAM grant for MUL’s researcher!

Foundation for Polish Science announced the list of 7 winners of the second First TEAM  competition.

Wojciech Fendler MD,PhD was granted PLN 2 million for Predictive Biomarkers of Radiation Toxicity (PBRTox) Project aimed at the search for tools towards personalized radiotherapy by complication risk reduction. The project research will employ the measures of molecular biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics which the grantee’s Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine specializes in. The project will be conducted in cooperation with the team of prof. Dipanjana Chowdhury from Dana Faber Cancer Institute in Boston.

The First TEAM programme is intended for PhDs who obtained their doctoral degree 5 years earlier and aimed at supporting the best research teams supervised by Polish and foreign scientists.

The grants are financed from the Smart Growth Operational Program.

More on: http://www.fnp.org.pl/grantobiorcy-first-team-konkurs-22016/

Congratulations to the winner!ue-fnp


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