• Opublikowano: 27/04/2018

Funding for MUL for its ‘Operation – Integration’ Integrated Programme!

By recently signed agreement, Medical University of Lodz will receive funding for MUL Integrated Programme ‘Operation- Integration’ carried out within Priority Axis 3: Higher education for economy and development of the Regional Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2010. Integrated Programmes of our University belong to the project by National Centre for Research and Development, an implementing agency of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, whose aim is to develop higher education so that it could meet current social and economic needs.

The main objectives  of the programme include raising the level of competence of the students, academic teachers, administrative and managerial staff of the Medical University of Lodz by implementing  organisational changes and establishing University Integrated Programme (ZUP). The Programme is designed to meet socio-economic needs at the higher level of education process management as well as the management of support processes which include MUL employees’ and students’ competence development.

The project implementation will allow to:

  • modify curricula according to the needs determined at specific participant faculties and to socio-economic requirements,
  • create a new degree course,
  • organise training, workshops, study visit, project classes in order to improve competence of students and employees of MUL,
  • arrange work placement to broaden MUL students’ experience
  • optimise management of MUL

Project Manager: Prof. Tomasz Kostka MD PhD, Vice-Rector for Teaching, Medical University of Lodz  

Project implementation period: 1st January 2018 – 31st December 2021

Total budget:  PLN 11 851 307,93


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