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Funds for BRaIn Project – modern biomedical laboratories to be opened in Clinical and Didactic Centre

The funds granted within the framework of Regional Operational Programme for Lodz Region 2014-2010 will enable MUL to expand its Clinical and Didactic Campus with modern biochemical laboratories. MUL project entitled ‘Research, Development, Innovation in Lodz campus of  Biomedicine and Pharmacy (BraIn)’ obtained funds from financial allocations defined as Priority 1 “Research, development and knowledge commercialisatio of the Regional Operational Programme for Lodz 2004-2014. The total budget amounts to PLN 63,3 mln.

Targets and goals were presented at the press briefing on 18th April, 2018, attended by Witold Stępień, Marshal of Lodz Region, Prof. Lucyna Woźniak, Vice -Rector for Research and International Relations and Agnieszka Piastowska-Ciesielska MD PhD, BraIn project coordinator.

The project objectives include strengthening the cooperation of research and development units of MUL and, consequently, formation of interdisciplinary research teams. BraIn project will be carried out at Clinical and Didactic Centre (CKD) at 1 Muszyńskiego Str. The project involves the construction of a new facility of over 5000 m² and redecoration of the two existing ones which will be adjusted to the project needs. The new infrastructure and, what is more important, integration and coordination of research efforts  both in BraIn and CKD campus will add new quality to the research. The currently functioning and developing CKD campus infrastructure  i.e. outpatient clinics, hospital, research and didactic centre will play a significant role in the effective execution and successful outcomes of the project. The authors of the project describe BraIn campus as ‘the training ground’ for testing organisational and technological innovations as well as designing clinical research.


Project financed  at Priority 1: ‘Research, development and knowledge commercialisation’ of the Regional Operational Programme for Lodz region 2014-2020 

Project implementation period:

1 September, 2018 30 November, 2021

Project budget and funding source:

  • The total project budget: PLN 63,3 mln
  • MUL contribution: PLN 13,3 mln
  • Funding from European Regional Development Fund (co-financed by UE) within the framework of Regional Operational Programme for Lodz region2014-2020 : PLN 38,3 mln

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