• Opublikowano: 19/12/2023


For the past 4 years, the researchers of the Department of Family Medicine, Medical University of Lodz, headed by Prof. Przemysław Kardas MD PhD, have been involved in GATEKEEPER Project to implement modern solutions with a potential of a revolutionary impact on one of the most significant problems faced by health care services i.e. therapeutic non-compliance.

Polish application with artificial intelligence modem is the outcome of the researchers’ work: https://mojezdrowie.umed.pl/. Their participation in Horizon 2020, European Project of the European Commission, enabled the researchers to develop and deploy their idea. Both Polish and foreign patients will benefit from the obtained outcomes which will also be included in the GATEKEEPER platform to serve the needs of other project partners such as renowned research institutes from all over Europe as well as well-known companies such as Samsung and Medtronic Europa (the consortium coordinator).

GATEKEEPER did not only facilitate the deployment of innovative solutions but also identified the areas where medical technologies could produce actual changes with a view to bridging science and practice thereby providing inspiration for further development  and implementation of new initiatives. We wish to thank all the participants in the project, both from the Medical University of Lodz and our foreign partners, stakeholders and patients.

Please find below the footage of the Final Gala Ceremony in Madrid, where the results of GATEKEEPER project and innovations in medical technologies were discussed. The Medical University of Lodz was represented by Prof. Przemysław Kardas MD PhD, Paweł Lewek MD PhD and Ewelina Łojewska PhD from International Projects Team.


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