• Opublikowano: 03/12/2020


The project ‘How human body works: a series of films promoting medical sciences‘ is funded by Social Responsibility of Science programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

We wish to invite all those, both young and older ones, who share passion for science to our new film series: ‘How human body works’, which is being organised in cooperation with Doctor Tomasz Rożek, a famous scientific journalist and the host of ‘Science. That’s what I like’ channel.

The 14-episode series describing the structure and functioning of the human body is the latest project by the Medical University of Lodz, intended mainly for high school students but also those who would like to find out how our body works. The video series is an excellent educational aid and a complementary material for biology classes and it explains the anatomical structure and the processes which occur in the human body.

Join us to watch the 3rd episode: ’The Digestive System’. Next episodes will appear once a month on our channel

as well as on


The films will be available in a sign language version as well as with English translation. The whole series is prepared in the Medical Simulation Centre, Medical University of Lodz, which we are most thankful for.


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