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INFINIT project is drawing to a close. INFINITy i.e. INtelligent system to empower Functional Independence of people with mild cogNItive impairmenTs has been implemented by the Clinic of Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychotic Disorders, Medical University of Lodz and foreign partners (Technical University in Madrid, Terassa Health Centre (Barcelona)), funded by EIT Health.

A total of 41 people participated in the project which gave them an opportunity to use modern software that has been designed to assist the user in everyday functioning and to improve their life quality. Every day, the participants used a mobile application and contactless smart cards of near-field communication (NFC) which improve the smartphone operation. While getting around the city, the participants received questions on their app and on replying they were supplied with helpful information on a variety of fields. Each participant was also provided with an electronic sports band to facilitate the communication with the application.

The seniors conclude that the application enabled them to use a wide range of functions that smartphones offer. What they appreciated most was the options related to location and route guidance and the comfort of quick contact with their family. With the application they could feel secure and safe.  Infinity system appears to be a promising solution for people who feel a decline in their cognitive functioning and self-reliance.

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