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The aim of the I -CARE-SMART project is to build and strengthen cooperation with organizations that are able to provide the latest technological solutions in the field of health care and social care for the elderly. I-CARE-SMART aims to bring innovation closer to senior citizens by introducing innovative products and services with the active involvement of users and boost the silver economy.

The project is a response to the region’s challenges regarding an aging society and insufficient offer for seniors. The project will create a transnational open innovation platform for intelligent care for the elderly, including emergency services notification system, coordinated care, telecare and other business solutions tailored to the needs of seniors from the participating regions.

I-CARE-SMART will enable partnerships between public authorities, universities, enterprises, caregivers and carers. The project will contribute to the development of effective solutions to respond to the previously unmet needs of older people in the area of health care and social assistance. Older people, often lonely and disabled, require specialist support. Existing solutions such as electronic exchange of patient data, e-health, vital signs and fall detectors as well as medical equipment do not completely improve the quality of life of older people and meet all their health needs. For this reason, it is so important to adapt the offer of services dedicated to seniors. Project partners and stakeholders will assess the possibilities of applying new solutions and propose measures for their implementation by the social and health care system.



1 Municipality of Újbuda (Budapest, 11th district), Hungary (LEAD PARTNER)
2 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
3 Lodzkie Region, Poland
4 Medical University of Lodz, Poland
5 European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Via Carpatia, Slovakia
6 Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
7 Liguria Region, Italy
8 SI4life Science and Business together to improve the quality of life for Seniors and People with Disabilities, Italy
9 Institute of Social Services Prague, Czech Republic
10 SPEKTRA, manufacturing cooperative, Czech Republic
11 City of Graz, Austria
12 NOWA Training Counselling Project management, Austria
13 University of Applied Sciences for Economy, Technics and Culture, Germany

Associated partners:
14 EIT Health InnoStars e.V, Hungary
15 Thomas More Kempen VZW, Department LiCalab, Hungary
16 Regional Centre of Social Policy, Lodz, Poland
17 Košice Self-Governing Region, Slovakia
18 Municipality District Prague 4 , Czech Republic
19 Federal Government of Styria, Austria
20 Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, Germany
21 Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Germany
22 Institute of Social Services Prague 4, Czech Republic

Each of the partner regions invites researchers, enterprises, private entities and non-profit organisations operating in the area of care services, innovation and “silver economy” to join the regional stakeholders group.

This transnational cooperation project is funded by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

Priority: Innovation and knowledge development
Total eligible budget: 2.593.039,34 EUR
Programme co-financing: 2.147.160,18 EUR

May 2019 – April 2022 

Contact information
Project leader: Municipality of Újbuda (Budapest, 11th district)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icare.smart.ue/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/i-care-smart/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICARE_SMART


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