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On February 11, we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science established by the United Nations General Assembly to recognize the role of women and girls in the development of science and new technologies.

The role of women in science is undisputed, and the situation of female researchers at various career levels is improving. Which does not mean that it is easy to break the stereotypes that have been established over the years.

The conclusions from the analysis of the situation of women and women under the Gender Equality Plan for the Medical University are as follows:

  • More than 60% of employees in the group of academic teachers are women.
  • Women are the majority in all positions with the exception of professors (42%) and university professors (49%).
  • There are currently 6 men and 1 woman in the university rector’s authorities. The function of dean or vice-dean is performed by 23 women and 9 men. The heads of departments, clinics, plants and laboratories are more often men, although the difference is small (51% of managers are men and 49% – women).
  • 141 men and 132 women are members of the College’s collegiate bodies. In the Senate, the University Council, the University Scientific Council, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Council and the Health Sciences Council, the majority are women. Men dominate in the Medical Sciences Council.
  • Slightly over 40% of research project managers carried out at the Medical University of Lodz in 2018-2021 are women. It is also worth noting that the average financial value of projects managed by women is lower than that of projects managed by men.
  • Women much more often and longer stay on various types of leaves, mainly on maternity, parental and childcare leave, which is a significant break in their careers.

The Gender Equality Plan focuses on actions that should be taken in the next three years to more effectively comply with the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination at the Medical University of Lodz, and thus create a transparent and friendly work and study environment.

Medical University of Lodz  wants to build the organizational culture of the university based on the principles of equality and respect for diversity by strengthening the gender dimension in the university’s scientific and R&D activities, optimizing work-life balance activities and adhering to the rules.a

We present Kasia, Magda and Justyna, who pursue their scientific passions at our university:

Dr. Justyna Agier -the Head of  the Department of Microbiology and Experimental Immunology at the Medical University of Lodz. She combines research and teaching activities, for which she was awarded the distinction for the best academic teacher. She popularizes  science by running the UMED Science series.

Magda Barańska – graduate of medicine, doctoral student at the International Doctoral School, winner of the Diamond Grant and the Forbes distinction “25 before 25”. She presented the results of her research at 11 conferences in Poland, the United States and Germany. She is also involved in the popularization of science.

Katarzyna Kwas – a medical student, vice-president of the National Students Society of Orthopedics, scholarship holder of the Rector and Marshal of the Łódź Province. The current Chairwoman of the SKN Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Medical University of Lodz. Organizer of numerous international and national events, such as Juvenes Pro Medicina or TEDxUMED Łódź.



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