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On behalf of the international project consortium “European STudent Engagement Project (European STEP)” the University of Warsaw invites to the conference Student Engagement – Recognition and Inclusion Tools, which is being held online on 23 April, 2021. We wish to invite students, university employees as well as organisations and institutions that are interested in support and development of student engagement.

23 April, 2021, 9:45-15:45

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The main topics of the event include:

  • National and institutional perspectives of the recognition of student engagement across the EU.
  • Tools and good practices of the engagement recognition and support for student extracurricular activities established at European universities.
  • Student engagement in the unprecedented time of pandemics.
  • Communication and promotion of various forms of student engagement.
  • A wide variety of competences and skills developed through Student Engagement.
  • Student engagement as a tool for enhancing diversity in the academic community.
  • The conference programme includes: presentation of research outcomes and activities within the European STEP project, workshops and expert panel.
  • The conference is run in English.

Detailed agenda and registration form are available on: https://wolontariat.uw.edu.pl/mpe2021/

The registration for the event is open till April 18.

The number of participants is limited.

Participation in the event is free of charge.

Contact: km.kucharska[at]uw.edu.pl

European STudent Engagement Project (European STEP)

The EU Strategy for the youth in 2019-2027 highlights the active role of the young in society, the importance of their engagement and „civic, economic, social, cultural and political involvement”. Engagement in extracurricular activities is also an opportunity to develop and hone their practical skills.

For over two years the Consortium of European STEP project has been conducting research into the modes of recognition and support of student engagement by higher education institutions. The forthcoming Conference is an excellent opportunity to present the fruits of their work.

More information on the project:


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