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International success of MUL Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation

The paper by Diana Wyroślak-Bednarek from the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation Medical University of Lodz was awarded as one of the best scientific paper on ocular surface diseases in the 10th edition of Trophy contest.Trophy contest, organised by French company Thea, is an annual event of an international range intended for young ophthalmologists. The annual contest is designed to engage attending residents or fellows in ophthalmology with opportunities to share experience and complex clinical cases.

This year’s topic was ocular surface diseases which have a significant impact on the outcomes of ophthalmic operations and the influence of ophthalmic surgery on ocular surface condition.

213 young ophthalmologists submitted their papers in this year’s contest. At the first stage the jury selected 52 best papers from 22 countries. In the final stage three top papers were awarded, including one by Diana Wyroślak-Bednarek.

The scientific paper submitted by the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation Medical University of Lodz: ‘Bowman’s layer transplantation – a new hope for regaining of correct ocular surface’ is clinicaldocumentation and analysis of functional results in patients with corneal ulcer who underwent an innovative allogeneic transplantation of the Bowman’s layer of the cornea. The described procedure was designed and used for the first time in the world by Prof. Piotr Jurkowski and doctor Diana Wyroślak-Bednarek. The implantation of a selectively dissected anterior boundary membrane of the corneal stroma (Bowman’s layer) demonstrated a high success rate in patients with ulceration and lack of corneal sensation. The suggested sutureless technique of implantation of a size-matched Bowman’s layer allowed for a reconstruction of the corneal epithelium, a significant reconstruction of the anterior stroma layers of the cornea and visual acuity improvement.

The award is the prestigious contest is tantamount to a positive assessment of the ophthalmologist for the selective Bowman’s layer transplantation designed by the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Rehabilitation Medical University of Lodz. The innovative approach to the therapy of complicated ocular surface diseases presented by our researchers opens a new direction for transplant surgeries of the cornea.

The winners will have the chance to present their work during the Théa symposium held during each ARVO (The Association for Research in Vision & Ophthalmology) annual meeting, which will be held in New Orleans, USA, in April 2023 as well as to participate in the European Conference EVER (European Association for Vision and Eye Research) in Valencia, Spain in October 2023.



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