• Opublikowano: 12/02/2021


We wish to remind you of UMedical Reports (UMR), the new editorial initiative launched in November 2020 within the Publishing House of the Medical University of Lodz.

The chief objective and ambition of UMedical Reports is to publish scientific monographs: books, teaching and post-conference materials etc. The monographs published with the Publishing Houses of the Medical University of Lodz, including UMedical Reports editorial series, receive 80 points, while editing and a chapter written in joint publication of monographies (of several chapters) receive 20 points.

All the researchers are welcome to cooperate with us, both the experienced ones and the young scientists who wish to share with UMR the outcomes of their first research ventures. Primarily, we would like to invite the representatives of the scientific disciplines represented by our University i.e., pharmaceutical sciences, medical sciences and health sciences. Nevertheless, we are open to cooperation with the representatives of related disciplines as well as the authors from outside MUL.

For anyone interested, here is a short instruction with a template:

We also encourage you to visit the publisher’s website: http://wydawnictwo.umed.pl/

Should you have any questions related to publications in UMedical Reports, please contact the editorial office on: editorial@reports.umed.pl.


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