• Opublikowano: 03/04/2018

KUMPEL- 2nd edition of MUL didactic programme launched!

On 29th March, the second set of our university didactic programme KUMPEL was initiated at Knowledge and Innovation Zone at Medical University of Lodz.

A one-year project is intended for the most gifted students at the schools under the patronage of MUL. Four scientific teams will be conducting their research for a year.

This year’s teams are composed of:

GREEN TEAM : Mentor: Prof. Ireneusz Majsterek, Tutor: dr Karolina Przybyłowska-Sygut, Students: Weronika Caban – Secondary School no. 1, Juliusz Żak – Secondary School no. 3, Project title:  Two faces of PERK (protein kinase RNA-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase)  – escape or rescue in response to stress?

RED TEAM: Mentor:  Paweł Rasmus MD, PhD; Tutor: Katarzyna Robaczyńska MA, Students: Weronika Marcinkowska – Public Secondary School  of the University of Lodz, Nikodem Cielban – Secondary School no. 26, Project title: WORK-LIFE BALANCE – the balance between professional and personal life in the representatives of medical professions.

YELLOW TEAM: Mentor: Prof. Ewa Balcerczak, Mentor:  Marta Żebrowska MD, PhD; Students: Kinga Świderska – Bernardine Cistercians Catholic Secondary Schools, Adrian Bruździak – Secondary School no. 33, Project title: From the gene to the protein in breast cancer.

BLUE TEAM– Mentor: Prof. Henryk Witas, Mentor: Łukasz Śledziński  MA, Students: Maja Podziewska – Academic Secondary School with Bilingual Classes in Kutno, Project title: Lactose tolerance allele: identification and prevalence in students at our school.

We wish all the students a year full of scientific discoveries, new challenges, successful work and development of their pursuit.


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