• Opublikowano: 10/08/2021


Several days ago, Maskonur (in Polish: a puffin) made its debut as a special litter bin for disposable face masks. The container has been designed to enable separating the elastic bands from the masks and facilitate waste sorting.

The pandemic has contributed to a significantlky elevated contamination of the environment including seas and oceans. Around 1,5 billion face masks are estimated to have been dropped into the Earth water resources. They pose a serious threat mainly to animals. Therefore, the design and name of the new container were inspired by the problem, and they are meant to remind us of the vital issue.

Maskonur Team at MUL includes: Jarosław Kowalewski, Agnieszka Rzeźnik, Mateusz Dworak, dr Marcin Ciszewski, prof. Ania Garus-Pakowska i dr Paweł Rasmus.

The solution was created in collaboration with Centre for Innovation and technology Transfer MUL and the containers are produced by ALDA Poland Sp z oo. and Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań Rekopol S.A.

More info on: https://maskonur.com/


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