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New academic year was inaugurated at the Medical University of Lodz on 30 September. The ceremony was held at Aula 1000 of MUL Didactic Centre which hosted the representatives of doctoral students, MUL first-year students as well as the representatives of academic and administrative staff. The list of the guests of honour included among others:

  • Łukasz Rzepecki, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland,
  • Waldemar Kraska, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health,
  • Blanka Wiśniewska, Managing Director at the Ministry of Health,
  • Karol Młynarczyk, Vice Governor of the Province of Lodz,
  • Piotr Adamczyk, Vice Marshal of the Province of Lodz,
  • Hanna Zdanowska, President of Lodz,
  • Marcin Gołaszewski, Chairman of the City Council of Lodz,
  • Adam Wieczorek, Vice President of Lodz,
  • Mateusz Kowalczyk, Vice President of General Chamber of Physicians of Lodz,
  • Paweł Czekalski, President of Regional Chamber of Physicians of Lodz

as well as MPs, Rectors of Lodz universities, Directors of Lodz hospitals, delegates of the Ministry of National Defence,  the General Staff of Polish Armed Forces and Military Centre for Medical Education.

Freshmen year and PhD students took the formal university oath which was followed by the matriculation ceremony participated by the representatives of particular faculties. The ceremony also included awards granting to the finalists and award winners of knowledge contests as well as the most outstanding participants of the university project: KUMPEL. Minister Waldemar Kraska handed to MUL Rector a symbolic cheque for PLN 483.840 to further equip Central University Hospital with medical apparatus. In his inauguration speech, Prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of Medical University of Lodz, discussed the current situation of our university, its 20th anniversary and the challenging months to come. The inauguration lecture on ‘Precision medicine in acute myeloid leukaemia. Hype or hope?’ was given by prof. Agnieszka Wierzbowska MD PhD, Head of the Department and Clinical Department of Haematology Medical University of Lodz.  As usual, the ceremony was exquisitely complemented with a performance by the University Choir, led by Prof. Anna Domańska.


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