• Opublikowano: 19/01/2021


Arrhythmia and Interventional Cardiology Clinic has started the new year in the new location and with an extraordinary surgery.

An innovative miniaturised pace-making system was implanted for the first time in the history of University Clinical Hospital WAM. The surgery was performed in the patient who had been hospitalised for several weeks due to heart-block-related syncope. The patient suffered from sensitivity to subcutaneous pace-making systems which caused conventional subcutaneous pacemakers equipped with electrodes to be rejected thereby leading to hard-to-heal wounds.

Medtronic Micra leadless pacemaker has several advantages over the conventional system: it is 9 times smaller, has the size and shape of a pill, is leadless and implanted directly into the right ventricle through the femoral vain. Micra pacemaker with the MRI mode on is not a counterindication to magnetic resonance imaging, which is why the type was selected for the intervention. Similar, mini-size leadless pacemakers had already been implanted in another hospital of Clinical and Didactic Centre of Lodz, therefore, the surgery was performed by the team of our Clinic under supervision of Krzysztof Kaczmarek from Electrocardiography Clinic of the said hospital.   The surgery proceeded without complications and two days later the patient was discharged from hospital.


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