• Opublikowano: 15/12/2022


The European Commission awarded two research projects to the Medical University of Lodz within Horizon Europe Framework Programme. Magdalena Wrzesińska, Prof. of MUL, PhD is the manager of both projects and on a daily basis she is the head of Department of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Congratulations!

Co-CAPTAIN (HORIZON-MISS-2022-CANCER-01 CO ) project:  Cancer prevention in patients with mental disorders: co-adaptation and implementation of PATIENT NAVIGATION  model at the level of primary prevention.

The aim of the project is to equalise the differences in the access to healthcare services for patients with mental disorders as well as reducing the risk of neoplastic diseases in this group of patients. The project intends to provide innovative solutions based on patient-navigation model by reinforcing the patient’s position, overcoming healthcare system barriers, providing social support and facilitating timely access to primary prevention services. The project is based on the transformation potential of integrated tracks in cancer treatment.

SHIF2Health (HORIZON-HLTH-2022-STAYHLTH-01-two-stage) project: Design and assessment of eating strategies in order to diminish and prevent obesity in shift workers.

The aim of the project is to identify the mechanisms as well as environmental and lifestyle factors leading to obesity in shift workers. The project involves the design of innovative dietary products as well as behavioural strategies  to support healthy eating patterns in a variety of occupational groups.  The project shall zero in on the identification of problems and needs of the relevant individuals and the target outcomes include improvement to the quality of life of shift workers and an increase in the effectiveness of social and business functioning in healthcare and industry sectors.


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