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Medical University of Lodz was ranked 9 in the top 10 in Perspektywy University Ranking. Our university is one of the most highly valued and assessed public universities in Poland. Last year, MUL was in the 11th  place, two years ago it was ranked 14 and three years ago we were in the 25th position.

In this year’s ranking by criteria group we appeared to be the leader in academic effectiveness, ahead of  medical universities of Szczecin and Gdansk. This criterium includes the assessment of, among others, the number and quality of publications, citations, the number of awarded and obtained  scientific degrees and titles as well as the effectiveness of obtaining external funding for scientific research.

We are truly happy about the promotion, especially that we have been classified high and racing with the best competitors for a number of years. We hope that our high position in the ranking is a good prognostic factor before this year’s evaluation. All our awards, honours and promotions provide  tangible proof that our work and joint efforts of all the members of the university community make good sense and produce the expected results, underlines Prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of the Medical University of Lodz.

The subjects in the field of Medicine and Health Care studies at MUL were also ranked high: the 1st place in Perspektywy 2022 University Ranking by subject belongs to MUL Cosmetology.

The other highly ranked subjects include:

2nd  place: Medical emergency,

3rd   place: Medicine, Public health, Midwifery,

4th  place:  Nursing, Medical analysis,

5th  place: Pharmacy.


Perspektywy University Ranking is the most valued ranking of Polish state and private universities. The criteria included in this year’s ranking are as follows: the university prestige (12%) (assessed by the number of indications based on the survey conducted among academic staff and the university position in international rankings),  graduates on the labour market (12%), innovations (8%) (patents and income from direct commercialisation), academic potential (28%) (scientific degrees and titles conferred and obtained, publications, citations), didactic potential (10%)  (highly-qualified teaching staff, accreditations), internationalisation (15%) (international students, study syllabus, student exchange).

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