• Opublikowano: 27/06/2017

MUL –one of the leaders in National Science Centre schemes 2016

National Science Center (NCN) announced their Annual Report 2016. We are glad to inform that MUL is on the list of leaders in the schemes set up by NCN in 2016. MUL is the beneficiary of 27 grants of a total value of  PLN 14,22 million. The success rate, i.e. the ratio of proposals qualified for funding to the proposals submitted amounted to 24%, which is the best result achieved by medical universities.

Congratulations to all the scientists and research teams who contributed to the success!

Lista projektów – NCN 2016

NCN supports basic research by funding projects conducted by individual researchers and research teams, doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. NCN goals include funding the best research projects selected in a two-stage peer review procedure.

More information on NCN funding schemes on: www.ncn.gov.pl


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