• Opublikowano: 26/07/2022

MUL: Polish leader in medicine and immunology in Research.com ranking

Medical University of Lodz was ranked first in the discipline of Immunology and second in the discipline of Medicine among Polish universities  included in TOP Universities Research.com. ranking. The ranking process involved a detailed examination of data from Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph (the most prominent and well-established bibliometric database of this type available to the scientific community) and included three indices: h-index, number of publications and citations in the given scientific area. This year’s ranking was developed on the data on scientific contributions since 2014 till 2021.

This is yet another ranking which confirms our researchers’ high scientific efficiency. The ranking involved an examination of 166,880 scientists. In the discipline of Medicine, 19 researchers from Poland were classified, including three researchers from our University: prof. Maciej Banach, ranked 4th, prof. Marek Kowalski (✞), ranked 12th and prof. Tadeusz Robak, ranked 14th. In the discipline of Immunology, which MUL is the leader in, the top five Polish researchers on the list include two researchers from MUL: prof. Marek L. Kowalski (✞) and prof. Piotr Kuna (ranked 1st and 3rd, respectively).

The ranking provided by Research.com for universities is based purely on the reputation of its scholars. The authors believe that research institutions should be valued based on the talents and reputation of their staff.

Research.com is a research portal for scientists which offers an opportunity to browse individual profiles of 27,000 leading researchers as well as over 1200 conferences and over 950 scientific journals across research disciplines and scientific areas  verified on the basis of a wide selection of metrics.


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