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We are pleased to announce that six students at our University are rated at the top of the list of the most outstanding students of Polish medical universities.

On April 22, the Ministry of Health was the host of the ceremony where Adam Niedzielski, the Minister of Health presented scholarships to the most gifted students for their scientific achievements in the academic year 2022/2023.

The list of the distinguished students included:

  • Adrian Balcerzak
  • Marta Ditmer
  • Joanna Forycka
  • Katarzyna Kwas
  • Szymon Turkiewicz,
  • Nicol Zielinska

Congratulations! We are proud of you.


Adrian Balcerzak, the 5th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

Dynamically working in MUL Student Scientific Circle of Clinical Anatomy for four years. The Author of a number of scientific papers published in international journals in the field of anatomy and medical treatment. He was actively involved in numerous conferences including the prestigious International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy (ISCAA) in Portugal. The second-place winner in the surgical session at Warsaw International Medical Congress, and the winner at the International Students Conference Juvenes Pro Medicina. Apart from his studies, he spends his leisure time model building, mountain climbing and amateur running.


Marta Ditmer, the 5th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

She started her research already at the 3rd year  of studies at the Department of  Sleep Medicine and Metabolic Disorders. Her scientific interests zero in on the relationships between mood and sleep disturbances and nonspecific inflammatory bowel diseases. She participated in research into biological therapy impact on the brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the aforementioned diseases. She also investigates congenital central hypoventilation syndrome. Currently, she is focused on the influence of sleep deprivation on the mechanisms of autoimmunisation and selected neurotrophins. Drawing is her leisure time activity.


Joanna Forycka, the 6th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

A multiple recipient of scholarships of the MUL Rector and the Marshal of Lodz Province,  a finalist in the Studencki Nobel competition. She is an author of scientific papers, an award winner at national and international conferences. She spent her 5th year of studies at Universidad de Malaga in Spain, she also completed internships abroad: in Santander, Spain, and Sassari in Italy. Within her Individual Course of Studies she is engaged in many research projects and she combines her studies and research with her work as a simulation technician at Medical Simulation Centre Medical University of Lodz. In her spare time she sails as the officer on a sail training ship STS Pogoria.


Katarzyna Kwas, the 6th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

A multiple recipient of scholarships of the MUL Rector and a three-time winner of the scholarship of the Marshal of Lodz Province,  a finalist in the competition held by the Ministry of Education and Science Perły Nauki (Pearls of Science).

A speaker at over 30 international, specialists and student conferences. She is an author of scientific papers in orthopaedics and traumatology as well as oncological gynaecology. She was an originator and an organiser of a good deal of national and international scientific events.

A citizen of Kielce, a great fan of motor sports, tennis, classical music and Italian cuisine.


Szymon Turkiewicz, the 5th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

The chairman of SLEEP TEAM MUL Student Scientific Circle at the Department of Sleep Medicine and Metabolic Disorders for 3 years now. He participated in the 1st edition of KUMPEL project. His research is primarily focused on pathophysiology of obstructive sleep apnoea, particularly on the relationship between oxidative stress, inflammation and cellular ageing. He is engaged in scientific research on disorders of the circadian cycle and the BDNF/proBDNF signalling pathway. He is an author of scientific papers, a participant of international conferences. He also organised scientific events including the 18th International and the 60th National Conferences Juvenes Pro Medicina. His favourite pursuit includes sailing and travelling.


Nicol Zielinska, the 5th year student at the Faculty of Medicine.

Her research activities are linked with the Department of Anatomical Dissection and Donation.

She has published scientific papers on morphological variations in human body and their clinical significance.

She was a speaker at international conferences, she worked in the capacity of a reviewer in international scientific journals, she completed an internship in Spain. She was also active as a chairperson of MUL Students Scientific Circle of Clinical Anatomy. She adores travelling and learning new cultures of various corners of the world. In her free time she practices sports and plays the piano.


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