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New murals in MUL

The walls of the Main Library at  Muszyńskiego 2, have recently been decorated with two new murals, which are the fruits of MUL’s  ongoing cooperation with Urban Forms Foundation.  Sebastian Bożek (I),  Piotr Chrzanowski and Alan Osiecki (II) are the authors of the mural paintings which appeared in the Library interiors in March and April.

The Main Library was created with the academic students and their needs in mind. The University wanted to underline its student character and make the area attractive enough for students to study, meet and spend leisure time there.

Since the murals have no titles yet, the students’ suggestions are welcome.

fot. Paweł Trzeźwiński

Sebastian Bożek about his project

I referred to a few aspects of the librarian interior. On the one hand, I took into account its most obvious element i.e. books, hence, the motif of bookshelves. On the other hand, there is a more general idea of knowledge promotion and accumulation, which undergoes continual transformation as if in a flowing motion. The motif of a hand reflects the need to follow the changes and to verify knowledge according to the latest resources.

In this day and age, libraries may seem to be engaged in a losing battle with digital media which has gradually become common information transfer means since Web 2.0 was launched. However, can we trust the information found on the Net when its reliability is not warranted? Information sharing without a chance of discussion in reality proves as unsatisfying. Bearing this in mind, in my design I wanted to convey a positive message: “you have just entered a friendly and open place that combines its traditional function with an opportunity of free access to digital resources within its open access strategy.” I hope that the artistic activities initiated in the Main Library complemented its character of a meeting spot and a place for ideas exchange.

Sebastian Bożek is  a Cracovian artist of a new generation, a graduate of the Department of Painting, the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, PhD student at the Department of Fine Arts, KEN University of Pedagogy in Cracow. A human figure and architectural space are the main points of departure in his works. He tries to capture what is beyond verbal expression i.e. a constant interplay of levels (culture, language, customs and architecture) which takes place both in reality and in the artist’s imagination.

fot. Paweł Trzeźwiński







Piotr Chrzanowski about his project for MUL: 

The idea behind the mural was based on two key words : library and medicine. They were my firs and direct inspiration. I treated them literally thus we have shelves with books and medicine-associated elements. The wall is interestingly located as there are library  bookshelves directly behind, which created a meaningful context and “turned on “ my idea of the whole composition. The bookshelf itself would be too dull and monotonous, though. That’s why I introduced a countrebalance:  a reader with a book and glasses sitting in the center, looking like a typical bookworm but actually being a skeleton. The skeleton-reader refers to human anatomy but it’s simplified to a more humorous graphics of a poster type. If you think he is dead, you are wrong! Take a good look and you will see he is alive and kicking, absorbed in reading… most probably about human anatomy!


fot. Paweł Trzeźwiński






Piotr Chrzanowski was supported  by his co-worker Alan Osiecki.

Piotr Chrzanowski, Lodz Academy of Fine Arts graduate, is an excellent illustrator, graphic designer, poster and paintings author and a game visual design creator, who has for some time cooperated with Urban Forms Foundation and created big format urban designs. In his artistic creations he seeks the simplest yet not banal expressions where the key element can include a patch of colour, a seemingly chaotic outline or even an accidental course of action. This is what creates the ambience of the painting and stirs the recipient’s imagination and sensitivity.  The mural painted  together with Alan Osiecki is the second one they created for Medical University of Lodz. Their first big-format painting, “Adam’s Heart” at Pomorska 251 has already won popularity and was appreciated in city art global rankings.

Alan Osiński –graffitti and photorealism artist from Lodz, all his life interested in drawing and painting techniques. Currently, engaged in momochromatic, photorealistic portraits, sf and vehicle illustrations and dioramas.  Strong contrasts, sensitivity to chiaroscuro and a search for intriguing and uncommon figures to be depicted on a canvas or wooden board are the main characteristics of his work. Apart from paints and sprays, his favourite techniques include an aerograph, the tool which, as he says, is demanding but operated by the right hands proves indispensable.


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