• Opublikowano: 06/04/2022


29 March saw the official opening of Clinical Research Support Centre (CRSC) including the Early Phase Clinical Trials Centre of Medical University of Lodz.

The ceremony was opened by Prof. Janusz Piekarski, Vice Rector for Organisation and Student Affairs and the invited guests included:

  • Karol Młynarczyk, Vice Governor of Lodz,
  • Radosław Sierpiński, President of Medical Research Agency,
  • Grzegorz Cessak, President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products,
  • Monika Domarecka, Director of Central University Hospital (CUH), Military Medical Academy Hospital and N. Barlicki Hospital,
  • Dariusz Trzmielak, Vice Director for Research Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute.

The group of guests also included the representatives of medical universities from other cities, partner companies and foundations for whom clinical trials are the basis of their operation.

The details concerning the project itself, its major objectives and plans for the centre functioning were presented by: Prof. Adam Antczak, Vice Rector for Clinical Affairs and Research Management, dr Jacek Grabowski, Chancellor of MUL, Monika Domarecka Director of  CUH and Joanna Połowinczak – Przybyłek MD PhD, Director of Clinical Research Support Centre.

The primary aim of the Centre is to provide a comprehensive support for the clinical trials conducted by the University and its hospitals. Close cooperation with primary care facilities, regional hospitals and other clinical partners will be a complement to the newly established regional research network.

The project for the Centre establishment obtained the funding in the amount of PLN 11 million from the Medical Research Agency.

The project implementation also involves the establishment of the Early Phase Clinical Trials Centre focused on the early phase projects concerning most medical areas particularly oncology, after the completion of stage 2 construction of Clinical and Didactic Centre MUL (2018-2023) and the opening of University Oncology Centre.

The Centre’s research plan pertains mainly the analysis of the efficiency and safety of innovative medicinal products which shall be developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies of the greatest research and development potential. The Centre’s plan will systematically be adjusted to national and worldwide research trends.

Currently, CRSC is engaged in 12 projects (as the leader in 5 of them, as a consortium member in 7 projects) funded from the Medical Research Agency resources.

cALL-POL is one of these projects and is coordinated by Prof. Wojciech Młynarski, the Head of Paediatrics, Oncology and Haematology Department.

The aim of this project is to facilitate the access to advanced therapies for Polish children who suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and to identify therapeutic options using molecular diagnosis through whole-exome sequencing in patients resistant to standard treatment strategies.



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