• Opublikowano: 05/07/2022


The first AHEAD team project meeting was held on 14-15 June 2022. For two days, the project participants from Hanse Institut Oldenburg presented the current status of work on the assessment of e-competence of academic teachers and students as well as the organisation of micro-units whose algorithms (designed on the basis of WHO gold standard in hand hygiene) will evaluate students’ skills.

Georgien ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY presented the results of the projects-dedicated research involving 360-degree method of performance appraisal. MUL Team, in turn, demonstrated the outcomes of the pilot study of Co-creation workshops and held the workshops for tutors for further instructions in partner countries. The workshops design includes 12 participants of teaching process: teaching nurses, practising nurses and students. Dublin City University (DCU), the project coordinator, reported on the current status of work on AI algorithms in video analysis. AI application in medical procedures assessment will support the process of performance appraisal based on standardised evaluation process (gold standard). The next meeting is scheduled for November in Lodz. The Medical University of Lodz also obtained DCU bioethics committee approval to conduct project-related tasks. MUL team engaged in DR SOZ project will be accountable for arranging Co-creation workshops for partners and for holding them in Poland. The team from MUL also designed a questionnaire to assess the opinions of the project beneficiaries (students, nurses) on the remote teaching and their experiences gained during the last two-year pandemic. The European Commission reports will constitute the effects.

The AI application in teaching may facilitate the process of evaluation of the students at medical faculties which the given procedures to, and ease the effective performance appraisal for teachers in an increasingly large groups of students.

Project manager: Dorota Kilańska, Prof. of MUL, PhD.
team: Natalia Biega MA; Coordinated Care Unit, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, MUL
Ewelina Łojewska MA; Research, Strategy and Development Office


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