• Opublikowano: 18/02/2018

Opening of Medical Simulation Centre

On 16 February 2018 Medical Simulation Center of Medical University of Lodz was officially opened. It is here, in simulated clinical conditions with specialists phantoms and simulators, that future doctors, nurses and paramedics will acquire practical and team work skills. Medical Simulation Centre is located on 12 and 13 Floor of A-1 building of Clinical and Didactic Centre of MUL and it occupies a total of approx. 4500 m2 of usable area. The investment total cost exceeded 56 mln PLN.

During the opening ceremony, prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of MUL, congratulated all the people engaged in the project and underlined the fact that Medical University of Lodz is the largest beneficiary of the resources granted to medical universities for construction and equipment of simulation centres.

The newly-opened simulation centre includes perfectly equipped emergency department, intensive care unit, operation theatres, labour and obstetrics wards as well as classes for thechnical training for students, particularly with future doctors, nurses and paramedics in mind. The main idea of the classes in Medical Simulation Centre is to provide joint training for medical teams at several levels and specialties of health care, ranging from nursing to specialists medical procedures e.g. performed during surgeries.

The new Center is supposed to centralise modern medical training techniques which are applied in university education and postgraduate training. The facility will provide location for classes as well as clinical exams OSCE (standardised evaluation of performance in simulation-based training).


  • 20 high fidelity simulators, including maternal delivery simulators, simulators of newborns, adults and children of different age and physiological symulator for training in anaesthesia.
  • 130 phanthoms for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, care and gynaecological examination
  • 230 task trainers for technical skills practicing – airway management, incertions, injections and examination.
  • Life-size symulator of an ambulance with a pre-hospital care compartment and a flat model.
  • Pre-hospital care area for battlefield medicine classes and tactical emergency casuality care classes i.a. for Military Medical Faculty students.
  • 11 high fidelity simulation rooms in : hospital emergency department, intensive care unit, two operating theatres and labour rooms.
  • Medical and didactic equipment of a total worth of over 21 mln
  • OSCE examination rooms – European standard high objectivity exams
  • Possibility to record and discuss the training procedures performed by students
  • Increased security for patients – advanced medical procedures and interdisciplinary team work are practiced still during studies without any risk for patients.

„Medical Simulation Centre of Medical University of Lodz” (POWR.05.03.00-00-0012/15) is cofinanced by   European Union’s European Social Fund within the framework of  Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development


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