• Opublikowano: 20/10/2022


October 18th took place an organizational day for Ph.D. students of the 1st  year of the International Doctoral School, during which the Director of IDS – professor Anna Woźniacka welcomed the Ph.D. students, presenting them with the most important information related to education at the International Doctoral School. Then Vice-Rector for Science Development and International Cooperation professor Lucyna Woźniak discussed the most important goals that should be achieved by Ph.D. students concerning the University’s strategy. Ph.D. students were transferred to the world of projects by the Deputy Director of the Office of Science, Strategy and Development, Aneta Andrzejczyk, who presented doctoral students with opportunities to participate in projects and their roles in them. Mrs. Gracja Mecwaldowska-Domańska – Specialist for international exchange of students and employees,  explained the possibility of trips as part of the doctoral theses carried out, including the Erasmus program. Chairman of the Doctoral Student Government Board of the Medical University of Lodz, M.Sc. Łukasz Duda encouraged doctoral students to actively participate in all doctoral research initiatives, as well as to join the integration and cultural life.

At the end of the meeting, the doctoral student ID was officially handed over and each doctoral student received a UMED welcome pack.

We cordially welcome the newly recruited Ph.D. students at the Medical University of Lodz, wishing you all success!


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