• Opublikowano: 06/10/2022


Central University Hospital received a record-breaking amount of over PLN 100 million from Medical Funds to improve the quality of health care provided for the youngest patients. Our  hospital is on the list of 14 facilities thorough Poland which submitted strategy plan proposals of health care for children that were then assessed as the best.

The submitted proposal includes the reconstruction and further equipment for University Paediatric Centre at Sporna St. as well as the establishment of Supra-regional Centre of Paediatric Oncology at Clinical and Didactic Centre in Lodz.

During the press conference organised by the Governor of Lodz Province, symbolic cheques for the project implementation were received by Prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of the Medical University of Lodz and Monika Domarecka PhD, Director of Central University Hospital .

It is a substantial amount which can transform the paediatrics in Lodz, the medical field in which the comfort in a disease, the company and support of the family are of particular importance. We have excellent specialists and thanks to the funds they will be able to diagnose and treat young patients more effectively, said prof. Radzisław Kordek at the conference.

Medical Fund was established by the President of Poland in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. To date, the financial support of the Fund was given for the immediate needs, primarily the treatment and life saving for children. It is still this year that a new competition will be announced for the infrastructure support initiatives for the strategic entities providing oncology services. The Sub-fund for the Modernization of Healthcare Entities, in turn, will provide at least PLN 200 million for the modernisation and additional equipment of hospital emergency departments.


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