• Opublikowano: 13/05/2022


The Foundation for Polish Science announced the results of START 2022 competition. One hundred out of 794 outstanding young researchers received prestigious stipends. The list of winners includes Paweł Piątek MD PhD from the Department of Immunogenetics MUL.

Doctor Piątkek’s scientific interest and research are focused on neuroimmunology and immunogenetics. ‘In our early research conducted as apart of my PhD dissertation, we discovered a new, specific subpopulation of CD49d+CD154+ lymphocytes which are responsible for the development and relapse of multiple sclerosis. We also proved the ability of maturing oligodendrocyte precursor cells to present antigen. Currently, I am searching for H3K4me3 histone-related genes that are accountable for the polarization of neutrophils towards suppressor cells in treatment-resistant inflammatory conditions, explains Paweł Piątek.

Last year he obtained MINIATURA grant from the National Science Centre and he is conducting research into post-translational modifications of histones which reprogram maturing oligodendrocyte precursor cells into antigen-presenting cells. In the future, with the funds to be obtained, the researcher is planning to investigate the impact of CD49d+CD154+ lymphocyte subpopulations after entering blood-brain barrier (which he analysed in vitro) on the maturing oligodendrocyte precursor cells, with regard to epigenetic modifications to histones and DNA.

The START competition winners receive an annual scholarship of PLN 28. 000 which they can use for any purpose of their choice. The START Programme of the Foundation for Polish Science is the oldest Polish scholarship competition for the top young researchers that represent all the fields of science. This year’s competition was held for the 30th time.

The full list of START 2022 competition winners is available on: https://www.fnp.org.pl/laureaci-start-2022/


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