• Opublikowano: 19/07/2018

Policy of open access

Medical University of Lodz is the second Polish University which applies the policy of open access registered in The Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies (ROARMAP).

By establishing ‘Institutional policy of open access at Medical University of Lodz’, MUL entered the group of six national institutions with similar regulations. The document obliges MUL employees to adhere to the principles of openness in education by ensuring open access to publications and research data. These will be ultimately deposited in the university repository which is being created within the framework of ongoing ‘InterScienceCloud’ project. Medical University of Lodz is one of the pioneers of the implementation of open education rules at the institutional level with the regulations of open access applying to all the organisational units.

Full text of ‘Institutional Policy of Open Access at Medical University of Lodz” is available here.

Open Access Policy of MUL registration in ROARMAP can be found here.

ROARMAP is an international repository of the information on open access policies introduced by universities, research institutes and entities financing research worldwide. The repository includes the list of documents defining open access requirements set down for researchers.



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