• Opublikowano: 16/07/2021


Three centres within our University  structure have been successfully audited  by the international network of Utricaria Centres, so called UCARE (Urticaria Centers of Reference and Excellence), which has been active for several years within GA2LEN, Global Allergy and Asthma European Network. The successful centres are located in: N. Barlicki University Hospital, Biegański Hospital and Central University Hospital at 251 Pomorska St.

UCARE network enables the accredited centres to actively participate as partners in world-standard research and to design and implement modern urticaria management. Currently, two initiatives have been launched: the first one aims to increase the knowledge of medical specialists, the other one focuses on the education and medical support for chronic urticaria sufferers.

The initiatives enable an interdisciplinary, multi-centre cooperation of specialists and their patients at the world top standards. Polish UCARE centres are now preparing a joint initiative to organise the International Day of Utricaria  for patients, which is usually held on 1st October.

UCARE – Certificate 1

UCARE – Certificate 2

UCARE – Certificate 3



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