• Opublikowano: 14/05/2024


We are pleased to inform that Prof. Wojciech Fendler MD PhD won the competition for the position of the President of the Medical Research Agency (MRA).  

Apart from the PhD degree, the list of requirements in the competition included at least 5-year relevant occupational experience, including  3-year experience in human resources management, and the command of English at the level necessary for free communication regarding research and development as well. 

Prof. Wojciech Fendler is the Head of the Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine MUL. He is also the Plenipotentiary for Clinical Research and Director of the Doctoral School of Molecular Medicine. He authored numerous papers published in top-tier journals worldwide. His research activities were appreciated over a dozen of times with national awards for young researchers. His achievements were also recognised internationally: in 2025 he received ISPAD-Medtronic Young Investigator Award which is annually awarded for top young researchers in paediatric diabetology.  

Professor Wojciech Fendler is engaged in the education for doctors-to-be and biotechnologists, he coordinates postgraduate studies in biostatistics. He holds the position of the Vice-President of the Scientific Council of College of Molecular Medicine, he is a member of Management Board of the Polish Diabetes Society, and, since 20216, also a member of The Polish Young Academy Polish Academy of Sciences. 

Pursuant to the Act on the Medical Research Agency, the President of the Agency is appointed by the Minister of Health for a period of 6 years. The MRA President’s responsibilities include the Agency finances, financial resources implementation and distribution for the Agency programmes and actions and the management of the Agency assets.  

Congratulations and wishes of success to the New MRA President!


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