• Opublikowano: 13/05/2016

Professor Markolf Hanefeld granted with the honoris causa degree of the Medical University in Łódź

A ceremony of awarding the title of doctor honoris causa of the Medical University to Professor Markolf Hanefeld was held on May 12.
Professor Markolf  Hanefeld graduated  from the Medical University of Dresden in 1959. Two years later, he received the degree of Doctor of Medicine under the guidance of Professor Hans Haller. On the basis of his scientific achievements and a work entitled “On the interactions between lipid metabolism and liver diseases,” he received the title of professor in 1974.

The scientific achievements of prof. Hanefeld include 12 monographs and more than 400 original articles on the subjects of internal medicine, diabetology and endocrinology published in scientific  journals.

This world renown scholar, who has focused his research interests primarily on the treatment of diabetes and diseases associated with metabolic disorders, has been maintaining close relationships with Polish science community and with our University for years.

A close, long-term and fruitful cooperation with Prof. Józef Drzewoski M.D., PhD. – the Head of the Department of Internal Diseases, Diabetology and Clinical Pharmacology of the University, gave the basis for the commencement of procedures of granting the highest academic dignity.
It was Professor Drzewoski  who acted as the doctoral supervisor in the process of granting this honorary degree to our guest, as well.

Prof. Ida Kinalska, M.D., Ph.D. – Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Internal Medicine at the Medical University in Bialystok, Prof. Władysław Grzeszczak, M.D., Ph.D.  – Head of the Department of Internal Diseases, Diabetology and Nephrology at Silesian Medical University and an endocrinologist Prof. Marek Pawlikowski, M.D., Ph.D. – the former Rector of the Medical University Łódź were the reviewers of Professor Hanefeld’s academic achievements.

In the laudation, Professor Drzewoski discussed not only the scientific career and medical discoveries of the awarded person, but he  also mentioned  his passion for music, art, and mountaineering.

After the ceremony of introducing the guest to the academic community of the Medical University in Łódź, Professor Hanefeld gave a lecture entitled “The metabolic syndrome and its association with fatty liver, diabetes and cardiovascular disease: the common soil”.

The event included a performance by our university choir with the selection of the musical repertoire made especially for the Laureate.


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