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On 23 – 25 August 2022 MUL hosted a group of researchers from Spain, Greece, Slovenia, and Turkey as part of the project Erasmus+ Awake Mind, Absolve Future, which is managed by International Projects Team coordinated by Anna Lipert PhD.

The foreign visitors had an opportunity to learn about our University strategy of sustainable development, they took part in the workshops and discussions on the climate change and environmental protection. One of the issues of particular concern was the impact that the environmental changes exert on human physical and mental health, which gave rise to the discussion on potential international collaboration to seek solutions based on EcoUMED strategy to promote health when faced with climate change. Our guests also participated in the workshops on medicinal use of plants and learned about the zero-waste concept.

Having visited the modern MOLecoLAB in the company of among others, Paweł Zawieja, Vice Chancellor for Organization and Development, and Tomasz Jasiński, Coordinator of Sustainable Development, the visitors were given an opportunity to present their ideas how to improve and facilitate public space by pro-ecology solutions. MOLecoLAB operates on reusable sources of energy for instance, solar and wind power or ground-coupled heat exchanger. Special attention not to waste resources is also paid with the examples being the rainwater storage or thermal insulation of buildings. Intelligent solutions to prevent building overheating or car park spaces for electric vehicles are among further energy-saving initiatives applied by MOLecoLAB.

A visit to MediHUB was guided by the idea of integration of scientific, business, and international University environments.  After the workshops and the innovative ideas validation, the project participants jointly engaged in the barbecue based on healthy foods: ‘International Healthy Barbecque’.

All the activities undertaken within the project support the University as the institution which attaches an immense importance to UN sustainable development objectives, cares about the environment and deploys pro-ecology solutions while maintaining and fostering international cooperation.

Following the sustainable initiatives of the Medical University of Lodz

MUL Bicycle station with photovoltaic panels

MUL Bicycle station with photovoltaic panels

The project participants at the workshops ‘Sponge Cities: UN sustainable development objectives’

Filter taps at EcoUMED

Green Roof of MolECOlab

University car park with EV charging stations

Healthy BBQ, foreign visitors and the green surroundings of the university

Integration at the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer

Visiting the Clinical and Didactic Centre Medical University of Lodz


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