• Opublikowano: 16/07/2019

Report on „5 minutes matters” action

We are more and more aware of how important it is to provide first aid to a person in need. The injured person’s life and health often depends on our reaction.

Within the framework of the action called “5 minutes matters”, on 1st June 2019, on the courtyard of Manufaktura, we trained over 300 people, including mainly children,  so that they would be able to react appropriately when they found someone unconscious, with no breathing.

Manual heart massage by pressing the chest and artificial ventilation continued till professional medical help is available  significantly increase the chance to save human life.

We wish to thank all those who were not afraid to come up, ask questions and learn resuscitation together with the youngest participants. It was a valuable gift for them on the International Children’s Day.

We are also grateful to our doctors and students who devoted their time to shared their knowledge with us.

We should remember that everyone can learn first aid regardless of their age. Such skills can save someone’s life. Sudden cardiac deaths amount to as much as 25% of so called pre-hospital deaths. The ambulance takes about 5 to 8 minutes to reach the patient and that’s exactly how long it takes for the asphyxiated brain to die. In the face of circulatory arrest, the few minutes and the right, quick reaction of a witness are of key importance to avoid irreversible brain damage.

What often prevents us from giving first aid is precisely the fear of not knowing what to do in order to assist a suffering person without doing harm. Our periodically organized action is aimed at helping you overcome the fear and acquire the first aid skills.

We invite you to join us next year!

Prof Andrzej Lubiński


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