• Opublikowano: 04/08/2022

Results of scientific activity evaluation: MUL high rank

The results of the evaluation of scientific activity for 2017-2021 were made public at the end of July. The Medical University of Lodz was highly ranked and was awarded A category in two disciplines: medical sciences and health sciences, and B+ category in pharmaceutical sciences. One of the top categories: A category is granted to universities that can boast a significantly high quality of scientific research.

Only three universities were awarded A category in medical sciences while in health sciences four universities were evaluated as high. Among the entities which conduct research in all three evaluated disciplines (medical sciences, health sciences and pharmaceutical sciences) only one i.e. Medical University in Białystok received better results (two A categories and A+ category), which proves a high position of our university in terms of research efficiency.

‘Our high research efficiency has been confirmed by both the parametric evaluation and the latest nationwide and international rankings. Nevertheless, we are aware of the areas which need improvement. I wish to thank everybody who worked their way up to this success: the researchers whose scientific activity contributed to our high rating, and the employees whose administrative work supported the process. And it was no mean feat given the new evaluation methods which kept taking shape during the evaluation process.  For many of You, it was a period of months or even years of     intensive work. Thank you and congratulations!’, summarised Prof. Radzisław Kordek, MUL Rector.

The evaluation 2017-2021 was carried out using new principles i.e., within scientific disciplines and not faculties (organisational units). The evaluation was performed taking into account three categories: the scientific level of conducted scientific activity, financial effects of research and development works and the impact of scientific activity on the functioning of society and economy. Each evaluated entity could be awarded one of five categories for each discipline: A+, A, B+, B or C. The obtained categories determine the future activities of the university such as graduate courses, doctoral schools, conferment of degrees and titles as well as the subsidies granted to scientific units from the national budget.


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